We are five days into a brand new year (and decade, depending on who you ask). It is our annual fresh start, blank page, open road…ready for us to bring our best self to the table. For me, this means thinking about how I’ll be learning, earning and living this year as I strive to create a more balanced life.

On the learning front, my reflections from last year helped me recognize that I did a lot of learning centered around my work helping others learn, but not a lot for my own growth and development. By the end of January I have committed to finding a way to advance my own knowledge in a way that is meaningful for me both personally and professionally. This doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school, but finding ways to improve myself that impact multiple areas of my life.

One thing I am seriously considering is taking up Yoga. I’ve dabbled with the practice at home, but I feel like going to class and learning to be more present and mindful is important for me. I’ve shared a short class on mindfulness at work, and I think there is more that I can explore in this area that will add value to my role in learning and development, as well as my personal life.

As far as earning goes, I am happy to be working in a job that I love with the flexibility to do it from anywhere. I am hoping to continue to grow my career with Namecheap and look forward to driving forward more learning for our people across the organization. I’d also like to consider other ways to earn money that let me stretch my capabilities and test out some new skills. This will take a little courage and some time to explore, but I am looking forward to seeing what is possible.

Finally, I get to living. I am limping into 2020 with a boot on my leg, having fractured my ankle hauling a vacuum down the stairs. Not glamorous and certainly not how I wanted to end our ski week in New Hampshire! But, having broken my leg almost seven years ago skiing, I was able to quickly see the upside with such a mild injury, knowing I’ll be shoving my foot back in ski boots and happily skiing with my ladies again in just a few weeks.

My goal for living this year is to just get out and do it. I tend to be risk-averse in my personal life and hesitate to do things that are hard. Lately, I’ve been more focused on a one-step-at-a-time approach and seeing results, so I plan to keep at it. I got a spin bike and am loving the new challenge. I’m finding a little more time to read and enjoying every moment I am getting to spend with my quickly-growing kids. I’d also like to focus on some activities my husband and I can do together (where I can keep up) that will take us into those years where it is just us. Tennis or golf, anyone?

What are your plans for the new year? Have you thought about how you will be learning, earning and living in 2020? I’ll share next week some concrete ways to set goals that will help you stay on track. For now, just do a little reflecting and thinking about what matters to you. Remember, a life in balance is a life well-lived. Cheers to 2020.

Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash

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