Learning, Earning and LIVING – A Life in Balance

There was a time when I wanted to be defined by my work. As a girl growing up, having a career that I could be proud of was central to my identity. Dreams of becoming a lawyer kept me focused throughout high school and college, taking every opportunity to work and network with lawyers.

After college and a year in a law firm, my perspective changed. The law seemed an unhappy place, so I pivoted after a conversation with my former career coach to get a Master’s in College Student Development and Counseling and spend the next 20 years working in higher education. I loved my job and was proud of what I did. I found work that had meaning. But, as life changed, so did my priorities.

The birth of my second child forced a hard look at what I earned versus the cost of sending two children to daycare, and I found myself at home full-time. For 6 months. Until I went stir crazy. The day I started tearing old mustard-colored tiles off the wall of our bathroom was the day my husband suggested maybe I needed something else to do. (Apparently my lack of construction skills were costing us money at a time we really didn’t have it.)

To continue staying home with my kids, I took up side work reading resumes for a local college. Shortly after I returned part-time to my old team at Northeastern University, doing special projects and teaching. That, combined with raising two pretty amazing kids, a stint as PTO Co-Chair and countless other volunteer positions, and making some time for fun with the hubby, I was busy. Recently I went back to work full-time. I work remotely, so I am still their for my kids. I love the challenge of learning new things and the ability to keep my life in balance.

This website is dedicated to ALL the parts of our lives. I am a lifelong learner, earner and firm believer that living a life of meaning is critical to our ability to be happy. This is a place to share thoughts, advice, and resources with anyone else who wants to bring all of those areas of their lives together in one place. Join me!

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to learning, earning and LIVING with you.